paulo moreira architectures is a porto-based studio. the practice develops architectural, cultural and research projects for post-boom times. the studio was established by paulo moreira in 2011, at a time of economic depression and limited opportunity for big-A architecture. the apparently irrational decision to return to portugal whilst pursuing an academic career in the UK stemmed from a growing will to participate, both as a professional and a citizen, in the recuperation of a particular street in paulo’s hometown – rua dos caldeireiros – in dire need of architectural care. the initial, historically sensitive building renovations were small steps towards a long-term commitment to contribute actively to the restoration and improvement of the city. since then, additional projects and commissions have come our way, in porto, lisbon and elsewhere – residential, educational, commercial and industrial projects, as well as interventions in the public realm. in parallel, we are deeply engaged in developing research in the architectural field, notably in contexts of urban conflict and social deprivation. our projects and research are means through which we seek a wider intellectual endeavour. an international team of collaborators is working across portugal and abroad, re-imagining a new role for architecture today.

photo by ITS – Ivo Tavares Studio


Paulo Moreira
Hermínio Santos (2017-)
Joana Graça (2019-)
Mario Martínez (2020-)
Flavia Micelli (2019-20)
Alex Kirschstein (2019-20)
Carlos Gomes (2019)
Nahed Nabhan (2019)
Murielle Leucker (2018-19)
Cynthia Iao Hio Sin (2018)
Nora Klinger (2018)
Ana Rita Vale (2018)
Cristina Pino (2018)
Laurane Coornaert (2017-18)
Elena Borghese (2017-18)
Andrea Ferro (2017)
Joana Venâncio (2014, 2017)
Natalia Petkova (2017)
Caterina Barbon (2017)
Matteo Vianello (2017)
Sofia Sousa Santos (2017)
Mariagiulia Pistonese (2017)
Paul Hemmen (2017)
María Peña (2016-17)
Emanuel Falappa (2016)
Cecilia Tarantino (2016-17)
Nikolas Debrauwer (2016)
Ambra Migliorisi (2016)
Radka Domcíková (2016)
Chiara Fiorindo (2016)
Adéla Krízková (2016)
Susana Ribeiro (2015-16)
Sarah Biffa (2015-16)
Ilaria Marcatelli (2015)
Giacomo Valzania (2015-16)
Amalia Bonsack (2015)
Cecilia Mazzeo (2015)
Charlotte Pigozzi (2015)
Olivia Lillus (2014-15)
Letizia Giovannini (2014)
Lara Ferreira (2012-13)
Nuno Silva (2011-13)


We founded a cultural venue in our studio, in the heart of Porto, with a hall and courtyard for hosting events; a co-working space; a studio suitable for artistic and research residencies; and a project room for talks, exhibitions and workshops. Check the website and contact us to consult availability and conditions:


RIBA President’s Award for Research 2019 – shortlist
Premis FAD 2019 / Interiorismo – Selected (Casa Zaire)
Prémios Construír 2018 – Nominated (Musa Brewery)
Global Energy Award 2016 – Angola (Kapalanga School)
Premis FAD 2015 / Arquitectura – Finalist (Casinha)
Premis FAD 2015 / Pensamiento y Critica – Finalist (Jornal Arquitectos, co-author)
Prémios Novos 2015 / Arquitectura – Gulbenkian Foundation
Prémio IHRU 2014 – Building Rehabilitation (Casinha)
Prémio IHRU 2014 – Building Rehabilitation – Honorable Mention (Casa Caldeireiros I)
Research Grant 2013 – Agostinho Neto University (Observatório da Chicala)
Prémio Távora 2012 – Ordem dos Arquitectos – Secção Regional do Norte
Doctoral Grant 2010-14 – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Prize for Social Entrepreneurship 2009 – The Cass, London Metropolitan University
Noel Hill Travel Award 2009 – American Institute of Architects – UK Chapter
Interventions in the City Award 2007 – Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Linia de Fons per Recerca i Creació en Ambit Artistic i Pensament Contemporani 2007 – Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona


rua dos clérigos 44, 4050-204 porto
t (+351) 221 126 850
m (+351) 936 677 636
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