A Sandeira

A Sandeira is a small café located on the ground floor of one of the oldest buildings in Rua dos Caldeireiros, which had been closed up for more than a decade. The floor is made from granite paving stones which literally extend the street into the interior, emphasizing public enjoyment of the room. The intervention makes use of old materials from other buildings in the city of Porto, which were no longer needed.

The tables, counter and balcony were designed to fit in with the rest of the objects which shape the café. The low lighting and natural appearance of the materials creates an intimate ambiance.

The toilet is ‘stripped down’, punctuated by a number of recycled elements, such as the old window of the building converted into a mirror and mosaics in colored patterns. Here, visitors are invited to leave messages in full view on the cement walls, turning them into participants in the configuration of the room.

The use of time-worn doors gives a ‘ruined’ feel to the main public room, operating as a channel of communication with the surrounding area which remains very rundown.