Beco da Boavista Apartment

The apartment is located in Lisbon city centre, in an area currently experiencing rapid transformation. Access to the apartment is via a narrow, uneven alley, and a long staircase inside the residential building. Upon entering the apartment, we are met with a serene, comfortable atmosphere, complemented by the views and light of the city.

The intervention consisted of redefining the spatial organisation of the apartment. The original front door, which had been sealed and moved to the other side of the stairway, was reopened. The hallway also serves as a library, opening onto the living room. The adjoining room was removed, increasing the lounge area and linking it to the kitchen. This solution also allowed the corridor linking to the two bedrooms and service areas to be shortened.

The materials and tones used preserve the original character of the apartment, while rendering its appearance and functionality consistent with modern-day expectations. The simplicity of the space and materials is complemented both by the presence of everyday items, and by the colours of Lisbon which fill the interior.