Carcavelos Health Centre

Carcavelos Health Centre represents a contemporary reference point in the urban landscape. The building consists of three autonomous operating units which form a coherent whole – each unit is arranged around a courtyard, of an identical shape and size. The atrium of each unit is indicated by a ‘turret’, suggestive of the typical silhouette of the region’s stately buildings.

The ‘turret’ theme is also adopted in some of the interior areas, creating natural lighting devices and enhancing the quality of the space. These elements provide the Health Centre with a clear identity, in a reference to the local built heritage and industrial and farming culture.

The nature of the courtyards and the design of the outdoor spaces help the new complex to blend into the surrounding environment, promoting permeability, accessibility and enjoyment of public spaces.

Access to the three units takes place via a new access path which follows the natural slope of the site, avoiding the installation of lifts in any part of the project. Here, architectural solutions and ecologically sustainable landscaping solutions are combined.