Casa Caldeireiros I

This is one of the oldest buildings in Rua dos Caldeireiros, as demonstrated by its structural characteristics: the ground floor facade is made from stone, and the upper floors from a wooden structure, gradually stepping out towards the road, a now uncommon situation in this street.  The wooden structure on the facade was restored, with lime-based mortar.

The construction solutions and finishes selected put into practice the idea of restoration using ‘plundered’ and antique elements originating either from the building itself or from other buildings in the city where they were no longer needed.

The common ‘new versus old’ dichotomy commonly employed in restoration and interior design is avoided in this project. Original construction features were preserved: from the beam structure of the floors, to other components such as the traditional windows reused in the kitchen cabinets.

Spatiality and material qualities are treated with the same level of attention.

The building is located on a 46m2 plot in the city centre, with a facade facing the street and the other facing a small courtyard.