Hangar Project Room

Hangar – Artistic Research Centre is a cultural venue whose premises have been gradually renovated through interventions by several architect colleagues. We were tasked with reworking the heart of the third floor, which had not yet been renovated but was already operating as a gallery, work space and artistic residency area. With a limited budget, we sought to improve the available area and find flexible solutions.

The pillars and beams delimiting the space guided the layout, with areas designated for different purposes. In the area with the greatest natural light, a study and research centre was set up. The furniture was made from materials used in exhibitions and other projects. The modular tables could be adapted to different types of meetings and events.

In the centre of the space, a room was created for cultural activities such as lectures, performances and theatre rehearsals. This room can function autonomously, as the curtains allow it to be shut off and dimmed. This solution also allows the surrounding technical areas to be hidden, providing a spatial clarity that was previously lacking.

To highlight the structural clarity, the concrete elements were clad with cement mortar to make them more materially expressive and to distinguish them from the walls and ceilings. The poor-quality flooring, which had been installed on top of the original flooring, was removed. The central column, which stood alone in the intervention area, was ‘stripped’ and transformed into a sculptural focal point in the middle of the space.

The combination of the different elements in the intervention produced a coherent design while maintaining a degree of flexibility. The end result was a quiet, relaxed environment for research, creation and discussion.