Santa Iria Health Centre

Santa Iria Health Centre takes the form of a courtyard building, in reference to the two most relevant examples of architectural and cultural heritage in the immediate surroundings: the Castle and Pirescoxe Convent. A semi-exterior portico surrounds the building, framing views of the garden and the Tagus River valley landscape. As well as preserving two existing olive trees on the site, due to their age and the historical memory which they represent, more olive trees were also planted, creating a new garden linked to the main entrance to the building.

The building’s central courtyard is also presented as a garden with olive trees, providing a continuation of the exterior garden. The courtyard allows the various parts of the functional programme to be organised rationally and efficiently.

The building is positioned as a contemporary reference point in the local urban environment, complementing a route of public interest and contributing to the enhancement of the area.
The materiality and identity of the new building lends it a simultaneously contextual and contemporary appearance.