Jornal Arquitectos

The Jornal Arquitectos [Architects Journal] is a publication by the Ordem dos Arquitectos [Association of Architects], distributed by those architects who are duly registered with the professional body in Portugal (around 14,000 copies). Between 2012 and 2015, I formed part of the editorial team led by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes, having been chosen following a selection process. The seven articles produced, almost always in collaboration with other members of the team, were related to various themes and territories, and were always written and illustrated in a journalistic tone.

JA246 Trabalhar-Alem-Mar from Jornal Arquitectos on Vimeo.

The articles, of medium and longer length, addressed the portuguese architecture companies working in the former ‘overseas’ colonies (J-A 246), the struggle of an informal neighbourhood in the south of Lisbon (J-A 247); the failure of the high-speed railway line in Portugal (J-A 248); the controversial demolition of a social housing neighbourhood in Porto (J-A 249); the conflict between citizens and authorities which led to the unprecedented demolition of a Zaha Hadid building in Seville (J-A 250); a critique of one of the first projects by a collective of young Portuguese architects in the interior of the country (J-A 251), and a reflection on the ‘Rebel Architecture’ documentary series produced by Al Jazeera (J-A 252). The exercise of reflecting upon and writing about these issues generated positive results and gave rise to new projects and collaborations.